What All Entrepreneurs Should Know About Branding

To build a successful business you need to be able to tell your story and obtain a credible reputation, which is why I believe that branding and entrepreneurship should go hand in hand. I’m an entrepreneur and creative strategist, and I continue to see entrepreneurs who are just starting out fall flat on their faces. 

It’s not because they have a bad product or idea, it’s because they lack momentum. Momentum that can be catalyzed through strong branding. Here are the top 3 crucial things entrepreneurs need to know about branding. 

1. Branding isn’t in the details. It is the details

Branding is every touchpoint that a consumer has. It’s not the end marketing piece as a brilliant ad campaign or logo. The brand values that you imbue and showcase for the world to see are everything from the brand positioning and brand style, to the way your app works. It’s important and it sets the tone for who you are. It’s your website and Instagram feed. It’s the customer service rep on the other end of the phone. 

Branding is all about details. It should be planned so that all pieces and parts are considered and paid attention to. Branding should not be an afterthought once the product or service is finished, it should be a part of the product or service itself. 

2. Talk to the heart, then the head

Every entrepreneur believes that their product or service is one of a kind. A snowflake. It’s typically built on features and benefits that differentiate it from the competition. But today’s consumer doesn’t care about these minor feats and are increasingly making buying decisions driven by feelings, rather than logic. 

The one-two punch here is to give them an emotional hook, answer the “why” behind using your brand instead of just giving them the “what”, then support that with rational points that convince the head. 

3. Find your North Star

What keeps a brand going is finding the true soul of the company, the value system, the True North for any and all decision making. Decide what you stand for, and then stand for it all. the. time. 

When it comes to your brand message you should repeat yourself constantly. When everyone inside and out knows what the company stands for, they will project that on the brand and continue to expect more of the same. 

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